The CJSC “SWECO Soyuz Engineering” has accomplished development of the business-plan of the investment project: “Modernization of the CHP-21 – branch of the OJSC “Mosenergo” with technical upgrading of the turbines O-100-130 and IO-80/100-130”. The specialists of the company have performed the feasibility study of technical, economic, investment effectiveness of the planned work on technical upgrading of the CHP.

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A contract has been signed between the OJSC “TGC-9”, the CJSC “SWECO Soyuz Engineering” and the State Concern “Vnesheconombank” for rendering services of Technical agent for construction of the Novobereznikovskaya CHP in Berezniki city (Perm Territory). The investor of the project is the State Concern “Vnesheconombank”, General contractor – the OJSC “E4 Group”.

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Development of main technical solutions on optimizing the process of heat and power production for the OJSC “Pitkyaranta Pulp Mill”

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Financial and technical supervision over the process of the project implementation “Construction of a new power unit of the Abakanskaya CHP”

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Rendering services of preparation of a technical report of an independent technology consultant with the purpose of attracting project financing for the project “Technical upgrading of unit No. 7 of the OJSC “Nazarovskaya SDPP” (modernization)

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Creation of a network of type facilities for further location of health care institutions, providing medical services of hemodialysis for the population, as well as other methods of blood haemocorrection.

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Анализ и разработка рекомендаций по корректировке материалов, разработанных ООО «Днепрвнипиэнергопром» в рамках НИОКР «Разработка типовых проектов ТЭС на базе ГТУ 6FA» Читать далее