For house load of OJSC Mayak – Paper Production Facility.

In the free areas of OJSC Mayak, grass-roots construction of the auxiliary gas turbine unit is underway, consisting of three power units based on gas turbine power plants with heat-recovery steam generators. Continue reading 


CJSC SWECO SOYUZ Engineering (CJSC SSE) will develop design documentation for Oil Control Room with Oil and Diesel Fuel Storage for the Nuclear Power Plant Hanhikivi-1 in Finland. The Company has entered into the relevant agreement with JSC Atomenergoprojekt – General Designer of the power plant.

Under the contract terms and conditions, CJSC SSE will develop conceptual solutions for Oil Control Room, architecture, design, space-planning and process solutions, generate information about engineering equipment and utility networks. The Company will provide specifications and data sheets for equipment and materials required for construction of the Oil Control Room, prepare the list of environmental and fire safety activities and assess the scope of works and provide the construction cost estimate.

NPP Hanhikivi with the capacity of 1.2 GW will be built on the Hanhikivi Cape in the Pyhäjoki Community. The Plant will be equipped with VVER-1200 reactor. Commencement of electric power generation is scheduled for 2014.