SWECO SOYUZ Engineering admitted to the National Association of Construction Engineering Consultants (NACEC)

On the basis of qualification, JSC SWECO SOYUZ Engineering has become a member of the National Association of Construction Engineering Consultants (NACEC).

NACEC is the first Russian professional association, which aims at integration of the modern model of Russian market of engineering services with the internationally recognized industry standards. In order to achieve the goal, the Association employs a strategy of transition to rendering comprehensive consultancy services and formation of a strong Russian expert community able to efficiently adapt the best international practices and influence the legislative process in the field of construction engineering at a very early stage.

Creation of a simple and intuitive market of engineering services based on uniform standards using the latest techniques, is possible subject to support of international experience and its adaptation to the Russian reality only.

NACEC is the only industry representative of construction engineering consultants in Russia to raise the issue of living cooperation with foreign engineering companies, innovative and educational centers, professional associations to adopt best practices for managing complex multi-step projects.
Since 2015, NACEC has been a member of the International Federation of Consulting Engineers (FIDIC) – the largest and oldest professional association that establishes the global engineering standards over more than a century.